My earnings in february!

I tried something new. At the last day of january, I made a neat little excel sheet to keep track of various sites and my earnings on it. At the end of february, I did the same. I now know exactly what I earned in february. And I am going to present you the result right here.

Keep in mind that I didn’t calculate the earnings from referrals into this. It’s just the amount of money I earned without any referrals. Depending on your location because of geotargeting, you can earn the same amount without refering any people to the sites.

I also wanna mention that I was sick for a whole week, that means, it was a short month for me, because I wasn’t able to do anything at all for a whole week. But well, I am quite happy with the earnings. It’s not that much, but I am not investing much time anyway. I mostly do the stuff while I play Hearthstone. While I wait for my enemies turn to pass, I click some stuff. For that, I am really satisfied with my earnings in february. But well, enough talk, let me show you the raw stats 🙂

woowee0,90 Euro
Ideal-shoppen1,34 Euro
Talk-Mailer0,44 Euro
eBesucher0,58 Euro
Bonus-Bunny3,08 Euro
Payrate0,06 Euro
Dondino1,09 Euro
Questler1,88 Euro
bwin13,41 Euro
Mobrog1 Euro
EntscheiderClub1,60 Euro
MoneySMS0,54 Euro
MarketAgent4,80 Euro
TalkOnlinePanel9,70 Euro
Cointiply0,54 Dollar
McMoney0,47 Dollar
BeerMoneyForum0,22 Dollar
SlideJoy0,42 Dollar
6745 Satoshi Bitcoin
81,39 Doge
107367 Satoshi Bitcoin Cash
143722 Satoshi Dash
382946 Litoshi Litecoin
651 Coinpot Token
FireFaucet2148 Satoshi Bitcoin
54,63 Doge
100000 Litoshi Litecoin
2500 Gwei Ethereum
Coingratisan5,75 Doge
6890 Satoshi Dash
42747 Litoshi Litecoin
14634 Gwei Ethereum
CryptoMiningGame5067 Satoshi Bitcoin
5,41 Doge
3799 Litoshi Litecoin
Coinsurfer22894 Satoshi Bitcoin
GameHag220 SoulGems

Keep in mind, some sites only work for users from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I tried to link to my review for each site, if I haven’t made one already, I used my referral link to the site itself.

I also used some other sites, but I am still not sure if they pay or not, that’s why I didn’t list them here. Every site I showed you here has at least paid me once or is commonly known to be a legit site. Of course, every site can turn to a scam, but right now, every site here is paying and can be used without any worries.

The only one without a link is bwin. It’s a little bit special there, because it is an online-casino, but I didn’t win the money. I detest gambling, but I still like bwin. I will explain here, why I listed it here and why I use it.

At bwin, you can register and pay them 10 Euro to play with, like every other casino. If you wanna register, wait for a promotion, sometimes you get 10 Euro in addition to your payment of 10 Euro. That means, you have 20 Euro to gamble with. As soon as I gambled, I withdrew my 10 Euro.

For now, we have no money won or lost, but we have a verified account there. And here comes the cool part. They have a free game every day there. Sometimes you can flip a coin or use a slot machine for free or such a thing. Once per day. I just use that free game per day. And I won the amount listed up there with just the free games. Of course, you won’t win much more than 1 Euro or less per day, but it’s completely free and with no risk involved. If you are curious and want to know more about it, feel free to ask me.

To summarize it, my earnings were:

40,42 Euro
1,65 Dollar
36854 Satoshi Bitcoin
147,18 Doge
107367 Satoshi Bitcoin Cash
150612 Satoshi Dash
529492 Litoshi Litecoin
17134 Gwei Ethereum
220 SoulGems (worth around 0,35 Dollar)
651 Coinpot Token (worth around 0,65 Dollar)

Overall, I am really happy about that result. It’s easy to do and it’s worth the time I put into it. Sure, it’s absolutely not worth it, if you have to start your PC and work on it every day. But if you are on the PC anyway and have time to spare, feel free to test some sites and earn some money. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing and it sums up over time.

I hope, your earnings for february were also fine and you are happy with your money 🙂


  1. Sam Ferns said:

    woowee is not for Indian again

    23. April 2019
    • Shanti said:

      And again, thanks for the information. It is good to know, in which countrys it works and in which it doesn’t work.

      24. April 2019
      • Ahmed said:

        If I worked on entscheiderclub but I’m not from Germany and made 12€
        When I withdraw I will put iban of my payoneer
        The withdraw will be done or not since payoneer attached to bank account but not a Germany one
        Please answer me on my email so I can relief

        16. August 2019

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