What is Cointiply and how can I earn money there?

Update from 18.06.2019: Sadly, Cointiply has drastically lowered the earnings from the faucet. It’s now 9 Coins per claim with loyality bonus. Also, they removed the special bonus and the payout for higher rolls, that means, even if you roll the highest number possible, you will only get 103 Coins plus the loyality bonus. That means, the payout is waaaay less then before. Also, you can only claim every 12 hours. There is also a new game at Cointiply, where you can get levels and such stuff, but I am not interested in it, currently, I really can’t recommend Cointiply. It takes ages, till you earn enough money to get paid and the payment is really low now. I didn’t change the rest of my review, so you can see how Cointiply was before the big change.

Cointiply is a faucet. A faucet is a site in the internet, where you get cryptocurrencies for free. You can find my guide and some tips for faucets here. Cointiply is pretty simple and complex at the same time. The simple part is the faucet. You can claim once per hour. To claim means, that you get some free coins, if you fill out a captcha. 10000 coins are worth 1 Dollar. You get 15 coins for each claim, but you can easily raise that number, if you claim at least once per day.

If you claim once a day, you get a loyality bonus of 1 % per day. That means, after 100 days, you get twice the amount of coins.

Also, there is a special bonus, if you are active at Cointiply. This bonus can also go up to 100 %, but the exact calculation of that bonus is secret. But you can be sure that the more you do at Cointiply, the higher your bonus gets.

If you claim, you roll a random number between 1 and 99999. The higher the number, the more coins you get. Additionally, you get extra coins if you roll a prim number. This looks like that.

As you can see here, I rolled a prime number, for that, I got 68 coins. My loyalitybonus is 75 % currently, that means I got 51 additional coins.

I got 119 coins for my claim, that’s 1,19 Cent. Sure, that’s not much, but all I did was 1 captcha. For just that, it’s really high paying. The highest roll I ever had brought me 580 coins without loyality bonus. Just because I rolled high. As you can see, its worth the effort, if you roll more than once every day.

You can also find a lot of other opportunities to earn money at Cointiply. For example, you can click on PTC Ads and visit different sites in the internet. You have to stay some seconds at each site and answer an easy captcha and you get some coins.

Also, there is a variety of offerwalls, but I don’t recommend them, because I absoluty detest offerwalls, as you can read here. The only exception here is MinuteStaff. The Tracking of their tasks works perfectly. At Minutestaff, you have to do some simple tasks like „visit a site and click on a link“ or „visit a site and stay there 20 seconds“. The tasks are really easy and bring you some additional coins.

Also, you can watch videos at Cointiply. For each video, you get some coins. The payment here is low, but if you are really bored, you can use that time to watch some videos and earn some extra coins.

If you like to gamble, you can bet your coins and try to multiply them. But I wouldn’t recommend it, because the odds are against you, like in every casino. If you try to be successful on a long-term basis, stay away from gambling and the Cointiply multiplier.

I recommend that you do it like me and use their faucet at least once per day, watch their PTC Ads and do the tasks from minutestaff, you can be sure that you can easily achieve 1000 coins or more per day with minimal effort.

What do I get if I refer people?

Of course, you can find a referral system at Cointiply. If someone uses your referral link and registers at Cointiply, you earn 25 % of all coins your referral claims from the faucet. Of course, he doesn’t get any less, you get them as a bonus directly from Cointiply. Also, you get 10 % of all coins your referral earns from the offerwalls. You can refer as many people as you want to Cointiply, there is no limit. The more you refer, the more coins you get 🙂

Is Cointiply legit and do I really get my money?

Of course, Cointiply is a legit site and they pay you. They exist for quite some time now and Cointiply is really popular right now. Also, the payments work really well, as you can see here.

I got my Bitcoin shortly after I requested my payment. If you cashout to your Faucethub-account, you need at least 35000 coins. If you prefer to get paid directly to your Bitcoin wallet, you need 100000 coins. You can also request a cashout with Dogecoin, you need 50000 coins for that. Then you get your Dogecoins directly to your Dogecoin wallet. By the way, your coins have a fixed value of 1 Dollar for 10000 Coins. If the worth of the cryptocurrencies is low while you request your payment, you get more Bitcoin or Dogecoin. They amount of cryptocurrencies you get paid is calculated when you cashout.

You can also decide to keep your coins at Cointiply. For that, you get paid 5 % interest per year. That’s quite a lot, but it’s a bit risky. You never know, if Cointiply will still be available in a few years. I wouldn’t recommend to send money to Cointiply to get interest. But if you earn coins at Cointiply, feel free to wait a bit till you cashout and get some free coins from interest.


Many different ways to get coins

Fast cashout

Good payment


No real downside


Cointiply is a faucet. And it’s a great one. Normally, a lot of faucets bring you 10 Cent, if you claim for an whole hour and that’s really a waste of time. But Cointiply is different. For 1 captcha per hour you easily get between 0,5 Cent and 10 Cent. Also, the other possibilities to earn money at Cointiply are great. I usually do the PTC Ads and the tasks from MinuteStaff. You should at least claim once a day to get your loyality bonus. After 100 days, your coins from the faucet double.

If you are curious now, feel free to check it out. If you register with my referral link here, you help me support my project here. Thanks a lot in advance 🙂


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