2 new articles online

Finally it’s time again. I finally finished 2 new articles last weekend and I put them online. They are about Gamehag and Testbirds.

At Gamehag, you can get free Steam keys and ingame currency for different games like Fortnite or Hearthstone. You can read about it here. I will tell you exactly, how it works.

The second article is about Testbirds. Sadly, Testbirds is only available for german speaking countries, that’s why I made no english version of my review. Testbirds is available in england, as far as I know, but I can’t tell you for sure how it works, that’s why I didn’t write about it.

Also, I decided to stop to translate every article to english. A lot of sites I use aren’t availabe worldwide, they are just usable if you live in germany, austria or switzerland. That means, I won’t translate my articles about such sites, because you can’t use them anyway, if you don’t speak german. I will just translate the articles which are useful to you.

More articles will come soon, I already test some pretty interesting sites, but it always takes awhile to get paid. But as soon as I cashout, I will write for you about it.

Meanwhile, I wish you fun with Gamehag. It’s a great site, where you get free Steam keys for playing. I like it a lot, so give it a try. It’s always a good thing, if you combine a fun activity with money 🙂

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