New article online and great news for gamers

Hi there!

A new article is online and it’s about a cool new faucet you should check out. No annoying captchas or shortlinks, but a good autofaucet.

You get coins without doing anything. You can check it out here!

Also, I have some news if you are into gaming. If you decide to download and install the Epic Games Launcher (Yes, it’s the one from Fortnite) you get a free game every 2 weeks. Currently you get Super Meat Boy for free if you register and claim it before 10. January.

Also, if you register on GoG, you currently get Soma for free. But you have to hurry, it’s just free for the next 39 hours. GoG is from the developers of The Witcher, it’s also a known company.

Both try to make their own store and grab some users from Steam, so they are giving you games for free right now.

Also, I have a new function on my site, a newsletter. If you want to always be informed about cool new sites to earn money or get other free stuff, feel free to register at the right sidebar 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

See you soon!

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