Picoworkers was a hard one to review. I have mixed feelings about it and there are some serious issues with it. But more about that later. First, let me tell you some things about Picoworker.

Picoworkers is located in the USA and it’s owned by a company called Octobrain Inc. They also own some other projects. I couldn’t find anything about the owner of the company and I am not surprised about that. As I said, there are some issues about the legitimacy of Picoworkers, as you will see later.

How do I earn money at Picoworkers?

Picoworkers is a place with microjobs. There are a lot of different jobs to do. But see for yourself.

Picoworkers Overview of different jobs

These are not all jobs available, there are a lot more. Most of them are sign-ups, that means you have to register somewhere and show them proof of it with a screenshot.

The tasks are offered by users like yourself. If you register at Picoworkers, you can do tasks and earn money with it but you can also create tasks. You can create a task like „visit my blog“. There you pay people to visit your blog and look at different articles or click ads. But be aware, if you use google adsense for your blog it could happen that they will ban you if you buy traffic and let them click on your ads.

But I focus on earning money here, so I will tell you more about the tasks you can do at Picoworkers.

The tasks are mostly really easy and done fast, but the pay is really abysmal. For example, you get 0,02 Dollar if you click on a link to Facebook, click on their top post there, visit 10 sites of a blog for at least 30 seconds per site and then click on 1 ad. You need around 5 minutes for such a task and then you get 2 Cent. That’s just way too low.

You can do other things while you stay at their homepage, of course, but still, the payment is really bad at Picoworkers. Sure, other people pay 8 Cent for the same task and that is ways better, but it’s still not good. It’s far away from a fair payment for your work in my opinion.

If you decide to work there and fulfill some tasks, you have to wait for your money till the employer rates the task. He has 7 days to do so, if he doesn’t, you get your money automatically.

If the taskgiver isn’t happy with your work because you didn’t do the task like he wanted it and lied about it or you failed to show the correct proof, he will downvote you and you won’t get paid.

And here is the first issue with Picoworkers. And it’s a BIG issue.

The support sucks. I can’t even say that it sucks, because it’s not existant. If the employer refuses to pay you, you can do nothing. Of course, you can send a message to the support and ask for help. You will even read that nice thing at their support center.

Picoworkers Support will answer in 24 hours.

I tried it. I did. That was 10 days ago. Guess what? Exactly, no response. I got misrated twice and well, bad luck for me. No money for the task I did.

Sure, each task just pays a few Cent, but still, it sucks. I did the work, I want my payment. But I can’t do shit about it and have to accept it.

But anyways, if you manage to do a lot of tasks and accumulate over 5 Dollar, you can cashout. There are a lot of different options to chose from, but see for yourself.

Picoworkers methods of withdrawal and the cost of it

The fees are fine in my opinion, but the payment is so bad, even 3,00 % sucks. If you earn nearly nothing and even have to pay a fee to withdraw your money, it really sucks.

What do I get if I refer people?

If you manage to refer people to Picoworkers, you get 5 % of their earnings for a task and 5 % of the amount they deposit at Picoworkers, if they want to create some tasks. Of course, you get that as a bonus, they won’t lose anything at all.

5 % isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing. But the big question is why anyone should use Picoworkers at all. Because now I tell you about the second big issue.

Is Picoworker legit and will I get my money?



Yeah, maybe. Maybe you get your money and maybe Picoworkers is legit. Noone really knows, because the truth is somewhere in between. Picoworkers definitely pays people sometimes, but they also sometimes ban people and don’t pay them at all. At least, a lot of people complain about Picoworkers in different forums and other sites. They claim that they don’t get paid. But there are also a lot of payment proofs out there. That’s why I decided to try it out myself. I did a lot of tasks at Picoworkers and managed to make over 5 Dollars and request a payment. I requested an amazon gift card at 22. February.

Today, we have the 30. March and I still got no payment. I am pretty sure it’s a scam by now, but maybe they have some issues.

UPDATE from 18. June 2019. I still got no money. The support also never answers me. For me, Picoworkers is a scam. But still, a lot of people online are showing me payment proofs. Maybe I am justed hated by the admin of Picoworkers, I don’t know, but I am pretty sure I won’t get my money. That’s why I really CANNOT reccoment Picoworkers. (End of Update)

2. UPDATE from 11.07.2019: I finally got my money. I can’t believe it, but I really got paid. It took over 3 months to get paid, but hey, at least I got my money. That makes this site better. It is still not great, because the payment is low and takes forever to arrive, but at least, you get your money. (End of Update)

Proof of payment for Picoworkers

Currently, I cannot recommend Picoworkers at all, better stay away from it till their payment issues are solved.


  • A lot of different tasks
  • The tasks are easy


  • The support is as bad as the payment
  • Did I mention that the payment sucks?
  • No payment for over 3 months. It seems like Picoworkers is a scam


Picoworkers could be a great site. Sure, the payment sucks but the tasks still get done. That means, a lot of people are willing to work for that payment and if they want to do it, why not. If somebody thinks that the payment is fair, just do the tasks and earn some money.

But be aware, the support there sucks. That means, if you get misrated, you can do nothing at all and you have to accept that you did the task without getting paid. That sucks and should be changed.

Also, keep in mind that Picoworkers is on the verge of being a scam. Maybe you get paid, maybe you won’t. It’s a gamble and just register if you are willing to take this gamble. As I have written before, I requested payment over a month ago and still got no money. Seems like it’s a scam.

I can’t recommend Picoworkers at all, there are better sites out there. Sites with better payment and a higher chance to get paid at all.

If you still wanna register and test it, despite the issues and the payment problems, feel free to use my referral link. But as I already said, I can’t recommend it, better stay away.


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