Sadly, Coingratison stopped their faucets. Here is the statement from the admin:

Please attention, Coingratisan will be CLOSE at March 08 2019 00:01:00 UTC until all is conducive.

Paypal has blocked my account and my money is frozen for 180 days there, makes me unable to renew hosting which will expire at the end of this month and I cannot refill my wallet on faucethub which is soon to be low.

Some of other points,
– Coinhive has closed and my balance can’t be withdrawn there,
– Some short link scams that make me lose $ 600,
– And ad networks that always decline payment requests

The decision has been made, We will stop all claims on March 08 2019 00:01:00 UTC. Your dashboards will still be accessible until March 30 2019, so you will be able to initiate your payouts.
I as admin of Coingratisan say Thank you for your support!. Hopefully this problem can be resolved quickly so we can reopen this website.

That means, it isn’t working anymore. Maybe the site will be back, but nobody knows right now. If there are any news about Coingratisan, I am sure to inform you. (11.03.2019)

What is Coingratisan?

Coingratisan is a faucet and it’s a pretty cool one, because it has an autofaucet built in. That means, you don’t have to solve captchas or click on annoying shortlinks to earn cryptocurrencies.

Of course, Coingratisan also offers a normal faucet, but you have to click a shortlink to claim once. The payment there is not that bad, but I absolutly detest shortlinks, that’s why I never use them.

I just use the autofaucet and let me tell you, it’s great! It’s a bit similar to Firefaucet.

Let me show you the dashboard of Coingratisan.

Coingratisan dashboard
Coingratisan Dashboard

As you can see, at the top of the page you can change between faucet and autofaucets.

Also, you can my progress to the next rank. If you claim more, you get a bonus. But that’s just available for the normal faucet, that’s why my rank is still „New“. As I said, I don’t like shortlinks.

Coingratisan overview of ranks

Here is an overview of the bonus you get if you claim often enough to get a rank up. But the bonus doesn’t work for the autofaucet, that’s why I ignore it.

Let me show you all the cryptocurrencies available for the autofaucet.

Coingratisan Overview of the cryptocurrencies for the autofaucet

You see exactly how many coins you get from the different cryptocurrencies per claim. The only downside is that you can just claim 100 times per day from every autofaucet. That means, every 100 minutes, you have to change the currency.

Still, it’s not much work, you just have to click on another currency and start the autofaucet. 100 minutes later, you claimed all coins from the cryptocurrencie you choose for a day and then you switch to the next one.

Sure, the reward is not really high, but you don’t need to invest much time. Start it and wait. Nothing more to do then.

If you have more time to spare and want to do some shortlinks (you have to be really, really, really bored to do shortlinks), feel free to use their faucet. At least, it is better paid than other faucets.

You can claim 120 times per day and you have to wait 5 minutes between each claim at their faucet.

If you want to mine, you can also use their Webminer. The good thing is, that you see exactly how high your reward is. If you produce 25000 hashes, you can decide which currency you want.

It’s like buying coins with your hashes. That’s pretty cool because it’s really transparent, you see exactly how much you earn with mining.

Coingratisan hashes as currency

Still, mining isn’t really worth it, because the cost of electricity is often higher than the profit. But if you want to try it, just try to mine there. But be aware, that mining in your browser is not really efficient.

There is also an exchange at Coingratisan. You are able to easily change all of your coins to the one you collect.

You can withdraw your money whenever you want to Faucethub without a fee. Faucethub is a microwallet, you need it to collect small amounts of cryptos, because the cost of sending small sums to your wallet would be too high otherwise.

If you have some coins at Faucethub, you can easily send them to a wallet of your choice.

What do I get if I refer people?

Usually, faucets make their money with advertisments. And Coingratisan is no exception there. That means, if they have more users, they earn more money and then they can pay more money to their users. That’s why they are happy to get new users and they pay you for it.

If you refer a friend or another person to Coingratisan, you get 15 % of all coins your referral sends to Faucethub. There are some coins at Coingratisan not supported by Faucethub, you don’t earn any bonus from them.

Of course, he doesn’t get any coins less, Coingratisan pays you your commission as a bonus.

Is Coingratisan really legit?

Yes, it is. Coingratisan is definitely legit. You can easily test it for yourself, if you want. Just register, make some claims or let the autofaucet run for a few minutes and send your coins to Faucethub. You will see that within seconds the coins are sent to Faucethub.

Coingratisan payment proof to Faucethub

I just withdrew some Doge and made this screenshot. It took around 5 seconds for my coins to arrive.

You don’t have to send your coins to Faucethub. You can do it whenever you like without any disadvantages.

If you are a nice guy, you can also donate your coins to Coingratisan to help them to develop their site. They are your coins, you can do whatever you like with them 🙂

Of course, Faucethub is also legit. It’s widely used and the owner is well known in the community of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You can be sure to get your coins from Faucethub to your own wallet without any problems.


  • Fast payment to Faucethub
  • The autofaucet runs without doing any captchas or Shortlinks


  • The payment is small
  • The faucet requires you to use a shortlink before you get your coins


I really like Coingratisan, because the autofaucet is great. Without any work except starting it every 100 minutes, you easily get a few coins every day. Sure, it’s not much, but it’s better than nothing and it is absolutely worth the effort. I recommend to register at Coingratisan and just try it out for yourself.

I use it with sites with a surfbar like eBesucher and they work really well together. Each of them just gives you a few Cent per day, but if you use more than one at once, you easily get some Euros every week.

The only thing I dislike on Coingratisan is the shortlink you have to solve before you can claim from their faucet. The only site I do shortlinks for is Firefaucet (you can read the reasons for it in my review :-))

But nobody is forced to use their faucet, you can just use their autofaucet without a shortlink and it works fine.

If you are interested in Coingratisan and want to register, feel free to use my reflink, thank you!