How to get started with Faucets

Hi there!

For today, I have something special for you. Who of you has heard of Bitcoin? Probably everyone. But I am sure, most of you don’t know, how you can buy a bitcoin or what you need to buy one. The whole topic of Bitcoin is a really large one, but to get started with cryptocurrencies, it’s enough, to know the basics. To help you out with this, I made this “How to”. Step by step I am going to explain you, how you can easily claim some coins without investing real money. Also the amount of time you need each day is really low. 3 minutes daily are enough to get you started. Sure, if you invest more time, you can earn more. But with just the 3 minutes daily, you can earn around 2-3 Euro each month. But to get started with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, it is more than enough. With this faucets here you get Satoshis most of the time. 1 Bitcoin equals 100 million satoshis. Currently, around 15000 Satoshis are worth 1 Euro.

Now, let’s get started.

At first, we need a Bitcoin-Wallet. Please keep in mind, that there are a lot of different walltes out there. The most safe ones are offline-wallets, because you are the only one with access to it.
But it is more than enough to use an online-wallet to start with faucets and to test cryptocurrenies. But don’t keep too much money at your wallet. It works a bit like online banking and they won’t scam you, but better safe than sorry.
For our first wallet, I recommend Coinbase.

After this, we have to create a microwallet. It’s like a moneybox. Every day, you collect your coins here. As soon as you have enough, you bring them to the bank.

For this, we use

Here we click on register.

It is VERY important, that you use a valid email-adress. This email-adress is VERY VERY important. With it, you can access your microwallet, you also need it to collect coins from the faucets. They send your coins directly to your microwallet, if you use the same mailadress at each site.

As soon as you login at Coinpot, you see your dashboard, that looks like this

Here you see a overview of your different coins and so called “tokens”. Every time, you get coins from a faucet (you call that “claim your tokens”) you get 3 tokens from Coinpot. 100 tokens are currently worth around 144 satoshis. It’s a nice addition to your coins, you get them without doing anything at all.

Now your microwallet is ready.

Currently, there are 6 faucets, which are linked directly to coinpot. At all of them, it is enough to activate a captcha und press on claim. Then you get your coins directly sent to coinpot.

The first one I am going to introduce you is my favourite Faucet, he gives you the most coins. Btw, the links here are my referral-links, if you use them, I also get some Satoshis, but you don’t get less. If you are nice and want to support my project here, use the referral-links please. Thanks 🙂

It is really important, to use the SAME mail-adress here as you used for coinpot. If not, you don’t get your coins sent there!

It’s enough, if you claim once a day. The longer you don’t claim, the more coins you get as soon as you claim them. But if you claim at least ONCE a day, you get 1 % more coins for each day, this is a called a loyalitybonus. There is also an offerwall and some games, but they are not great, I recommend you just ignore them. If you claim more than once a day, you also get more coins. The reason for this is, it takes longer to create more coins for you, the longer you were away. For example, if you claim an hour later, you get 10 satoshis. But if you claim 2 hours later, you just get 19 satoshis. Therefore it is better to claim as often as you can, you also get 3 tokens every time you claim.

The next 5 faucets all look very much alike, that’s why I list them together.

It’s enough to claim once a day for each one of them. Of course, the more often you claim, the more coins you get, but still, once a day is enough to get your loyalitybonus. If you forget to claim for one day, your loyalitybonus is reset to zero. Here you don’t just get Bitcoin, you also get Dash, Doge, etc. You can also sell them like Bitcoin at exchanges and trade them for Euro. But you can also keep them and hope, that their value will rise. Who knows, maybe in a year you have a lot of money in your wallet. It’s rather unlikely, but you never know 🙂

So, if you followed all steps, all you need to do is visit each faucet once a day and claim your coins. If you have any questions, just send me a mail!

Now all you have to do is, collect some coins! After you got some coins, you can transfer them to your wallet. I tell you more about this in a few days. Then I show you how you create a wallet, transfer your coins there and change them to Euro.

See you soon!


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