Mobrog is owned by a company called Splendid Research GmbH from Hamburg, Germany. You can earn Money at Mobrog with different surveys. You can express your opinion about different topics and sometimes, you can also help companies to create better products in the future with your opinion. The best thing is: you get paid for it.

Sounds interesting? If yes, you can read more about it here 🙂

How can you earn Money at Mobrog?

At Mobrog, you can answer surveys about different topics and earn money with it. You register at Mobrog and complete your profile there. As soon as you get invited to a survey, you get a mail with a link. Of course, the surveys are anonymous. Sometimes you have to fill in data from you like your age or the land you live in. But they just need this data to check if they really need an opinion from you. Sometimes you get screened out because you are don’t fit their criteria. For example, if you are a men and they want the opinion from young girls, you get screened out. Sadly, you don’t get anything then, but normally, it takes just one or two minutes until you get screened out. Of course, I also use Mobrog and earn around 5 Euro per month with it. Not much, but better than nothing.

Mobrog is available worldwide in nearly all languages. Sure, you get different surveys, depending where you live. That means, if you have bad luck, you rarely get invites. But still, you don’t lose anything if you register there, the worst case is, that you can take less surveys and don’t earn much money.

Mobrog also offers an app for you smartphone, you can fill in their surveys with your phone with it.

Also, the support of Mobrog is awesome. I had problems while registering there and couldn’t log in. I asked there support to help me out and they answered fast and fixed my account. I could login then and everything worked fine for me. They just took a few hours to fix it and answer me. That’s how support should be!

What do I get if I refer people?

At Mobrog, you earn money for every friend you invite to earn some money online with surveys. You get 1 Euro, as soon as he completes 3 surveys. It’s not much, but 1 Euro is 1 Euro.

Does Mobrog really pay me?

Sure, they are a legitimate business and pay you. As soon as you earned 5 Euro, you can cash out. You can either use PayPal or Skrill to get your money. The payment is really fast. As you can see, I also received a payment from Mobrog.

If you want to express your opinion and get paid for it, you should register there.


Fast payment

You get a mail, as soon as a survey is available. No need to check your account there all the time.

Very good support


If you get screened out, you wasted some minutes


Everybody who likes to express his opinion should register at Mobrog. With Mobrog, it’s quite easy to earn money with surveys online. You can easily achieve the minimum payment and you get your money really fast. Also, you don’t have to check your account at Mobrog all the time, you get the invites to surveys with a mail, that’s very comfortable. Most surveys are pretty interesting and fun, in rare occasions, they are boring. If you encounter any problems, you can ask their support. They are really fast and good.

If you are interested in Mobrog, feel free to register there. If you want to support me, you can send me a Mail, I send you an invite link then. If you register with it and answer 3 surveys, I get 1 Euro from Mobrog, as I already explained earlier. Thank you for that 🙂

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