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Money SMS is an app for android. You get one SMS per day, sometimes you also receive more SMS from them. For each SMS they send you, you get paid. It’s a small, completly passive form of income.

How can you make money online with Money SMS?

Money SMS gives you a passive income. You don’t have to do anything and earn money with it. You get one SMS per day, sometimes you get more. For each SMS they send you, you receive 2 Cent. Companys who run telecommunication services need to check their signal all the time, that’s why you receive money from them. They SMS look like this:


After this comes a random text. You can instantly delete the SMS. You have to do NOTHING with them. Don’t answer them, don’t click on a link, do nothing. Just delete them. You get paid as soon as you receive the SMS. Personally, I never use SMS anyway, that’s why I deactivated the tone of my phone for SMS. I receive daily SMS, earn money with it and my phone makes no annoying sounds or anything at all. I think, that’s a perfect way to earn money.

I have been using this app for over a year now and I haven’t encountered any problems at all. I can still recommend it to everyone who wants to earn some money without doing anything.

What do I get if I refer people?

Money SMS offers a good referral program. As soon as someone downloads the app, he can insert a code while registrating. If he doesn’t insert one, he can’t do it afterwards. If someone uses your referral code, you get 30 % of the cashouts from your referral. Of course, he doesn’t lose that money. To make the deal sweeter for both of you, he earns 25 Cent, as soon as he uses an invite code. Both sides profit, if someone uses your code. Feel free to use my code. It’s 3F9730A491C. Thank you for using it 🙂

Does Money SMS really pay me?

Yes, Money SMS is a legitimate business and of course, you get paid. I already received a payment from them, as you can see. The minimum amount to cashout is 2 Euro. The good thing is, you don’t have to pay a fee. I cashed out 2 Euro and received 2 Euros. The fees are paid by Money SMS. I am using MoneySMS for over a year now and got paid multiple times already.

Money SMS proof of payment

Both payments show different names, but both are from MoneySMS. My guess is, that they changed their name and that’s why the payments show different names. But nevertheless, I got paid. I received the payment in a few hours, that’s really fast.


Passive income

Really fast payment


Most of the time, you just get 1 SMS per day. That means, it takes a while until you can cash out.


Everybody should use Money SMS. 2 Cent per day for free is great. With this, you have a small, but completly passive income. I receive around 50 SMS per month, that means I earn 1 Euro every month. Of course, it’s not much, but it’s better than nothong. Especially, if you use other sourves of passive income, you can easily receive 10 Euros or more every month, without using even one second of your time. That’s definitly great and good for everyone. The only reason to not use Money SMS is, if you use SMS a lot. Maybe the SMS you receive from Money SMS will become annoying for you then. But if you deactivte the sound and instantly delete the SMS, they won’t bother you at all.

The App isn’t available in the PlayStore anymore, but you can download it here:

If you use my invite code 3F9730A491C, you start with 25 Cent and you become my referral. That means, you help me to support my site and to keep my blog free from ads. Thanks for using my code, with it, we both earn more, thanks 🙂


  1. Joy said:

    Is not available in my country Philippines

    27. Dezember 2018
    • Shanti said:

      That’s sad to hear, but thank you for the information. That’s good to know.

      27. Dezember 2018
    • Shanti said:

      Thank you for the link. It seems, the app got removed from the Playstore, I will soon update my review here with the correct link to the download.

      3. Juni 2019

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