What is Coinsurfer?

Coinsurfer is a site with a surfbar. A surfbar visits different sites online and pays you money for it. You just have to start the surfbar at Coinsurfer and let the tab surf.

That’s all you need to do. Sounds simple? Well, yes, it is.

Of course, the amount you earn isn’t really high, but it’s automatic and you don’t have to work for it. And if you use it with other sources of passive income like Coingratisan or MoneySMS, you can easily earn some Euros every month.

Coinsurfer uses SuP to pay you. You earn different amounts of SuP per site, depending on the site you visit. Sometimes I earn around 150 SuP per hour, sometimes I earn over 400 SuP. Let me show you my earnings for some hours.

Coinsurfer SuP per hour

It depends on a lot of different things like your location, your browser and your settings. For example, you can turn off Popups, but if you do so, you earn less. You can also turn off sites with background music or sites with erotic content.

Coinsurfer pays you in Bitcoin. The calculation varies every day, depending on the worth of bitcoin. In the evening, all your SuP are changed to Bitcoin and you can withdraw them. The minimum amount you need to withdraw is 0,001 Bitcoin.

You can also use your surfbar at more than one PC at once, but you have to use different IPs for each device. Of course, if you have two different devices with different IPs, you double your earnings.

Coinsurfer uses the surfbar of eBesucher, that means, you can’t use both of them at the same time. The payment of eBesucher is a bit higher, but Coinsurfer pays you in Bitcoin. If you prefer Bitcoin instead of Euro, you should use Coinsurfer.

If you don’t care about Bitcoin, you should use eBesucher. The payment and the earnings from referral there are a bit higher.

What do I get if I refer people?

Coinsurfer makes money with advertisments. The more users they have, the more money they earn. That’s why they pay you a bonus, if you manage to convince some friends or other people to use Coinsurfer.

You get paid 5 % of everything your referral earns. Of course, your referral doesn’t earn anything less, you just get it as a bonus from Coinsurfer.

If your referrals also get some referrals on his own, you earn 2 % of their earnings. That’s called a 2nd level referral.

Is Coinsurfer really legit?

Of course, Coinsurfer is a legit site. I also got paid already and the payment arrived really fast at my wallet.

Coinsurfer proof of payment

As I already said before, you get paid with Bitcoin. As soon as you have earned 0,001 Bitcoin, you can cashout to your Bitcoin wallet.


  • Passive income
  • Referral income for 2 levels
  • Fast payment


  • The payment is worse than at eBesucher
  • Minimum payment is quite high


Coinsurfer is a nice site with a great surfbar. It uses the same surfbar as eBesucher, that’s why you can only use one of them at the same time. I prefer eBesucher, but Coinsurfer is still a great option, if you prefer to get paid with Bitcoin.

It’s really easy to use and you can earn some Euro every month without doing anything except starting the surfbar.

If you want to try Coinsurfer, feel free to use my reflink, thank you for it 🙂


Coinsurfer Banner with Reflink

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