This is a very interesting thing. It’s called “surfbar”. You start it and it automatically surfes the internet and you earn money meanwhile.

Sounds interesting? Well, it is. It pays in bitcoin, so you need a bitcoin wallet to cash out there. I also didn’t cash out till now, because I started around 6 days ago and I earned around 2000 satoshis till now, that’s around 0,1 Euro. It’s really not much, but I just start the surfbar as soon as I go to my pc and let it do it’s thing. It’s not using a lot of PC ressources, you can just let it run in the background and earn some money. I really just use it when I am on my PC at home, like around 4-5 hours per day. I wouldn’t recommend to let your PC run just for the surfbar, I guess the electricity cost is higher than the amount you earn from it, but if you are using your PC for some hours every day, just check it out. Register there, use the surfbar and earn around 1-2 Euro per month. Better than nothing and you have absolutly no work with it.

You can also get referrals there, with 2 levels. First level pays 5 %, second level 2%

As usual, if you wanna support me, you can use my referral link and I earn a little bit. You won’t get any bonus, if you use my link, but I would appreciate it, if you wanna show your support to my project here. Thanks.

And if you need any help setting up a Bitcoinwallet or want to get some more infos about coinsurfer, feel free to send me a mail.

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