The second day (how to NOT use wordpress)

Hi there!

It’s my second day doing this blog and well, it was quite difficult. I needed some hours to completly figure out how this site should look and how to use wordpress. I tried some stuff out and deleted it on purpose. I tried more stuff and deleted it accidently. Well, lesson learned, look twice before you delete something, else you have a lot of work doing the same thing again. 😀
Right now it’s hours and hours of work away to make it look finished, but noone ever said that this journey would be an easy one.

By the way, I wanted to tell you the main difference between us. Yeah, right, between you and me. I guess you found this site, because you were searching how to make money online. Exactly as I did. And millions of other people in the world. Everybody searches for the same. But here comes the difference. I didn’t just read and think stuff like „wow, it would be cool to earn some money online“ or „yeah, I want to try this and this, but not today, maybe tomorrow“. I just did it. I registered at some sites and started this blog. Sure, I want to try and earn some money here, but the main reason I am doing this is to give you some hints and warn you about the scams out there. Therefore I will just recommend methods to make money online which were tested by me. If you ever find something here and think „that sounds fishy“ just send me a mail at

If you think, that my blog entries are a bit short, you are right. I am trying to make some categories with useful stuff to make some cash online. As soon as I am finished, I will introduce every new thing I find in a long and proper way and show you the pros and cons and what I personally think about it.

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