My first payment :-)

Hi there.

Finally. Finally I got my first payment. And it’s already a big one. Questler paid me. I am active there for a month and I got paid 30,96 Euro.

It took me around 2 minutes per day. I confirmed the mails and I did the bonus search there every day. The most money I made from their casino-deals. You register at a casino and pay 10 Euro. You get 10 Euro extra in the casino, so you can use 20 Euro for games there. I am really bad at gambling, that’s why I barely managed to get my 10 Euro back, but well, better than nothing.
The special thing about this is Questler itself. If you do this, you get 20 Euro from them.
That means, even if you lose the 10 Euro you paid there, you still earn 10 Euro. That is really great and not much work. That means I managed to earn 20 Euro with a casino-deal alone in a few minutes. And Questler offers a lot of similar deals.

As soon as you participate in a deal, they give you the money at your Questler-account. But you can’t pay out the money right away, you need to wait for the casino to confirm your participation. It works without any problems, but if you encounter some, the support from Questler is great. They are fast, friendly and help you out. You can be sure to get your money.

Currently I still have around 30 Euro in my Questler account, despite my recent payment. That means, I can soon cash out again 🙂

If you are interested, great. Sadly, it only works if you live in germany, austria or switzerland.

If you live in any of this 3 countries and want to try it out, send me a mail. I have some invitation codes to send you. With them, you start with 1 Euro there.
It also means you become my referral, that means I get some money, if you earn money there. There is also a refback option, that means, you get back 50 % of the money I get from referring you. We both earn more and you start with 1 Euro, absolutly no reason to NOT use my invitation code.

Also, here is the link, if for some unknown reason, you don’t want to use my code. It’s also my referral-link, I would appreciate it, if you use it and show your support for my project here. Thanks in advance 🙂

I wish you a lot of fun there and also some good payments 🙂


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