My first month

Hi there.

First day of the month. What a splendid day!
My first summary. One month ago I started this project. Finally it’s the day to summarize the amount of money I made. I show you everything I earned this month and tell you, how much time I needed to earn it. But first, let me tell you a little warning. Till now, no money went to my bank account. I tried to use legit sites, but you never know. Although, I already got money on Skrill. Skrill is similar to paypal and I can send my money from there to my bank account. But at most sites it takes a while to reach their cashout minimum. That’s why the amount I got already is quite low.
Let me show you.

That sounds like a low amount. I guess, a lot of you just thought that. You are right.
But keep in mind, that I earned at a lot of different sites, and I just haven’t reached the cashout minimum. That’s the reason it takes some time to earn enough to cash out. I think, I reached my goal of 20 Euro for this month. Why? Let me show you the amount I got at each site. I list them by categories.

Paidmailer: 31,43 Euro
Faucets: Around 3 Euro. It’s hard to tell, because the prices of cryptocurrencies are volatile. I am very interested in cryptos, that’s why I like them. But they amount you earn is really low.
Pay To Sites. That are sites, where you get paid for doing simple tasks. There I earned 25,27 Euro, and the money I got on Skrill, 10,10 Euro. That equals 35,37 Euro.
Sites with Surveys: 1,60 Euro
Apps on my mobile phone: 14,17 Euro
Random stuff: Around 15 Euro.

If I calculate everything, I earned 100,57 Euro.
It will take a will till I can cash out, but I am really happy. It was my first month and I already got around 100 Euro. Also, the experience I made is positive.
I talked with the support for a lot of sites, if I encountered any problems. Except a few times, the support was nice and they helped me out quite fast. Most of the times I talked with them I didn’t get paid for the stuff I did. Usually I provided a screenshot then and I got paid. Exactly like it should be!

Now I tell you how long I took.
It is extremly hard to tell you for real. Because all the sites I tested have things, I do while I play Hearthstone 🙂
Every evening, I play some rounds of Hearthstone and while I do this, I earn some money. I think, I earned around 3 Euros per hour. That is not much, but I earned it while I played.
Also, it depends a lot one the sites you use.
The best payment I got with Paidmails. I earned 31,43 Euro and it took me around 3 minutes per day. That means 90 minutes in the last month. That is a really good payment per hour.
The worst payment I got are from faucets. It took around 10 minutes per day for 3 Euro. That is really bad.

But overall, I am really happy with my first month. 100 Euro while I played at the evening. That makes me really happy.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me 🙂

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