First Video about Pay To Click

Hi there!

I finished my first video. To be exactly, I did so a few days ago, but I finally found time to put english subtitles in it. 🙂
In my video, I tell you my opinion about most of the Pay To Click Sites. On them, you click on ads, watch them and earn money with it.

Sounds nice at start. But if you try it out, you soon realize the bad sides. You earn an unbelievable low amount of money there. You can find an enormous amount of reviews and recommendations in the internet and a lot of people tell you, that the earn over 100 Euro per day and such things. But that just works with referrals. If you refer a few hundred people there, you earn money. The problem is, they don’t earn much. It’s nearly like a pyramid system, but just nearly. If you think it is ok to refer people to a site, where they earn nearly nothing, go ahead. I think, that is a shitty thing to do.

To give you a small example.
If you watch 10 videos, you earn 1 Cent.
That means, for 1000 videos, you earn 1 Euro.
It takes around 10 seconds to click on it, watch the advertisment, close it, and click the next one. That means you earn 0,6 Cent per minute, equals 36 Cent per hour.
You need to click every few seconds on a new ad and close it again, that means, you can’t do anything else meanwhile.

Please tell me now. Would you do this? Would you work for 36 Cent per hour? Probably not.
But if you refer people, you also earn their clicks. That means, if you refer 10 people and everyone does this 1 hour, you earn 3,60 Euro.
That sounds completly great, because you earn it without doing much.
But the people you referred there have to click for 36 Cent per hour. Nobody should do such a thing. Nobody! In my opinion, this is a disgusting site. The whole concept there is that you find enough dumb people, you do this shitty thing for you. Sounds a bit like slavery for me. That’s why I made a video about it.
I subtitled it myself. Behind me on the wall is a picture with the word „Sarcasm“. And that is exactly what this whole video is about.
Have fun watching it 🙂

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