I hate them. They suck and I hate them.
Offerwalls are just terrible. There are countless out there and nearly every site to earn money online is using them.
In principle, the basic concept is quite good. You choose an offer you like and fulfill the instructions. Either download a thing, search something on google, answer a survey or enter a price game.
The possibilites are diverse.

The big problem is the horrible support. It doesn’t matter, if it’s an offerwall on the pc or on a mobile phone.They simply don’t work most of the time.
If you are lucky, so get your payment. If you aren’t, you have to write the support. Chances are fifty fifty.

If you had bad luck, welcome to the jungle! Believe me, their support is terrible. It doesn’t matter what you do, you just get a automatic generated mail. Normally, they want you to send screenshots to proof, that you followed their instructions and completed the offer. Now you send them your screenshots, wait a few days and if you are VERY lucky, you get your money, or at least a little bit of it. But believe me, you won’t be lucky.

Then you get a message like: We are sorry, we couldn’t verify your participation, please understand!

NO, damn it, I don’t understand this. You have a problem with your tracking. It is not my problem, that your shitty software isn’t working. I fulfilled my part, I even deactivated my adblocker, made screenshots as proof. Sometimes, I even got mails for completing the offer.
But still, bad luck! You won’t get anything.

Because at this point, it doesn’t matter. You already lost.
Whatever you answer them now, you won’t get a response. I tried to send them more screenshots. I asked very nice, what I should do now to proof them my participation. I complained.
All I got was silence as an answer.

The problem is, offerwalls are embedded in a site. If you encounter a problem with it, the owner of the site tells you to talk with the owner of the offerwall.
Their support just answer you, that their business partner didn’t verify the participation. But you never know, who is their partner. Therefore, you are screwed.

You wasted your time. First with the completion of their offer and then with their support.

That’s why my advice is to STAY AWAY. Maybe in a day far away, we can get an offerwall with good tracking. Or with good support. But right now, both of them are missing. You are the losers in this game. And if you know, that you already lost a game, don’t waste your time playing it.

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