Humans are greedy beings…

and that is why they do stupid things.

It’s unbelievable.
The more I read into the whole topic of earning money online, the more I dislike humanity itself.
People are terrible greedy beings, especially in the internet. They lie and cheat, just to get a few Euro.

They recommend sites like PTC. Most of them are a complete waste of time and nobody earns from them, except they one who recommends them. (look at this for more Info)

But it gets worse. Worse and worse. In the „earn money online“ community exists a popular category called HYIP. It’s very popular. And it’s terrible. The worst thing is, people aren’t just wasting time, no, they also waste their money.

But first, let me tell you what exactly HYIP is.


That means High-Yield Investment Program. And that is true. The income is really high, unbelievable high. But just for the people without a qualm.

Normally, such a site promises you 2 % interest. Daily! They really promise you such an absurd amount of interest. Just invest your money there and after 2 months, you get your money back and a lot of interest too. That smells like a scam. And if someone looks like scam and smells like it, chances are high, that it is a scam.

Now is the time, where you should become suspicious.

If you are smart, you start to look for reviews about this site and check, how they earn their money. They have to have a real good business plan to pay you 2 % interest daily.

Believe me, you won’t find a business plan.

If you are lucky, you find some shady statements like „we buy stuff with your money and sell them with profit“.

Let me tell you, nobody is going to earn 2 % interest daily with such a thing. It won’t work in reality.

Now you should be even more suspicious.

If you are smart enough, you look for some proof of payment. And believe me again, you are going to find them. A lot of them. Many people will tell you, that this site is legit and they pay you.

Really? They pay you? No fake?

Nope, no fake. And here lies the problem.

The whole thing is a ponzi-scheme. Also known as pyramid-scheme. That means, the payments are made by the investments of newer members. As long as new people join, everybody gets their money. But sometime, normally sooner than later, noone new is going to show up. And then noone gets any money. Everybody loses. Except the people who invited a lot of people to keep the train of scam rolling.

For me, that is scaming. I would never support a system, in which I have to take away the money of other people.

Ponzi-schemes are illegal in a lot of countries, that’s why they call themselves HYIP in the internet.

Different name, same bullshit.

Stay away from it. Either you lose your money or your reputation. Either way, you lose!

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