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Finally, new content. It’s hard to create high quality content all the time, that’s why you can’t find new articles here that often. But that gives me the time to make high quality articles about interesting topics. And sometimes, I also work with other people and write for them or they write for me. This time, a friend wrote for me, that means, you can read a guest article at my homepage now, you can find the new section under guest articles. There you can find all articles written by other people with a short introduction of them and their blog. It’s a nice way to find new blogs and meet other people, that’s why I really like to write and receive storys and reviews.

I am working with some people who also have blogs about the same topic as mine. For now, the first guest article is online, you can find it here

Soon, I am going to publish a new article of myself, but it still takes some time to review the sites correctly. I am very thorough in my research, I don’t want to recommend scams to anyone 🙂


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