How to get Bitcoin Faucet referrals for free

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How to get Bitcoin Faucet referrals for free.


Nothing is truly free in life because you already paying for electricity and your internet usage just to read this but the following methods will not cost you any money, the only investment you will make is your time.

A lot of people think that getting referrals is hard or they are able to find a few but nothing much happens or the referrals are active for a few days and quit or get discouraged after some time to work for dust!

This is simply the nature of dealing with referrals, not everyone is going to be active. If 10% of your referrals become active that is a very good conversion ratio. If you can accept that it is just a numbers game, just like in a deck of cards there are only 4 Aces out of 52 cards. That is more or less how it works with referrals, you only looking for those Aces and in order to find them you have to shuffle through 52 cards per deck. I hope this analogy makes sense.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or you can get referrals at will, this article will definitely be of value to anyone that is looking to find referrals not only quickly but effectively.

You don’t just want “dead” referrals, you want ACTIVE referrals.

If you are new to the referral game it will take time, patience and trial & error.


There are a few ways to insure someone stays active.

  1. Assure them that the website is 100% legit by doing research yourself and showing proof of payment, preferably use the site and gain experience so when they ask a question you can confidently answer them but most importantly HELP them and encourage them to go forward. I do this by writing guides, reviews and now recently started brief hacks like “how to earn 1000 Satoshi in 2 minutes” on my website, to further support my referrals and help them earn quicker.


  1. Show them how to use sites to create a passive income stream. The whole objective of getting referrals is to earn that passive income right? So teach your referrals how to get lots of active referrals.


  1. Share Bitcoin Faucets that are worth using and have potential to help the user earn way more than just dust! Believe it or not there are faucets like Cointiply where you can build a digital mine that can earn up to $4 per hour 24/7. It will take a lot of time and effort to get there but imagine earning $2800+ per month from a Bitcoin Faucet? If you have a lot of active referrals you can earn even more than that.


  1. Another important aspect to finding active referrals is finding a target audience. You might not find active referrals on random extra income sites but you are more likely to find them on sites like which is a Mirco-wallet / exchange where there is a live chat and you can share your referral link by posting an advert. This does however cost 500 Satoshi, so it’s not entirely a free method but can be effective to gather referrals very quickly! Alternatively you can participate in the live chat and occasionally people ask for links to reliable faucets and that’s when you can take the opportunity to PM them and ask if it’s okay to share your ref link. Only via Private Message. Do not share your referral link in the public chat or you will be banned! I have found many creative FREE ways to engage in chat and have people ask me for my ref link but cannot give them ALL away here, you will learn this from experience. Keeping in touch with individuals you have referred will encourage them to remain active if you consistently adding value to their journey.


  1. Once you managed to find a referral don’t just leave them hanging (unless they randomly joined and you don’t know who they are), offer your help at least once and provide a helpful guide or article to encourage them to earn. Share some of your experience and insight with them, this way they will start trusting you. Don’t lead people astray, sometimes we get excited to quickly finding a new program or faucet and we rush to post our referral link everywhere but we forget to do a scam check! On sites like or and even on Beer Money Forum you can get a good gist of how the site is performing and if it’s worth your time.


  1. At times I have offered a small incentive for people to join my referral programs and some of the time it pays off but a lot of the time people will join you just to receive the reward so you have to strategize carefully. You can also offer your referrals a long term incentive, for example, if you are earning 20% commission from their activity you can offer to pay them 50% back, the best way to do this is create a spreadsheet and keep track of their earnings if and where this is possible.



Instead of sharing too many ref links all over the show, getting post banned on Facebook etc. rather create a review or a landing page with the sites main features, images with GENUINE payment proof.

It is really simple to create your own website and you can do it in your spare time.

I have used WEBS to create my first experimental website for selling comics and found it was really user friendly and easy to navigate with lots of help for beginners.

Another recommended and free web builder you can use is WIX.


Here are some of the free methods I have used to get referrals for Bitcoin Faucets that have been fairly effective and what I mean by “fairly” is that it takes time and patience.

  1. Created a website with a lot of SEO focused content to draw organic traffic.
  2. Created a Facebook Group where now a community of over 1200 members share earning opportunities and ref links of course. You can also post in other groups but make sure to do this carefully without spamming or breaking rules.
  3. Joining forums and creating a signature with ref links or links that lead to articles that convert referrals.
  4. Traffic exchanges work fairly well for Bitcoin and Altcoin faucets and you don’t have to worry about setting up landing pages etc.
  5. Mellow Ads site. Each day you can collect a minimum of 500 Satoshi and up to 3000 Satoshi. When you have 1000 Satoshi you can start an ad campaign and get thousands of views. Usually I get about 2 referrals per campaign but this is free. You can take this to the next level, make a deposit and get much more referrals per campaign.


Please feel free to visit my site (link below) and leave a comment on any of the relative posts and I will answer your questions or help you to the best of my ability.


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