Questler is a paidmail site, but you can also earn money with other things there. Sadly, it only works for Users from Germany, Switzerland or Austria. If you aren’t living there, you can stop reading, you won’t be able to use Questler, sorry. Everybody who lives there can use this site. I will tell you exactly, how you can make money online there.

Questler is already in the business since 2005, that’s a long time. That usually means, a site is legit. Not always, but it’s a good sign. I already got a payment from Questler, as you can see further below, that means the site is legit.

How can I make Money at Questler?

There are 3 different ways to make money online at Questler.

Number 1: Paidmail

Every day, they send you some mails. If you confirm them, you earn between 0,2 Cent and 1 Cent per Mail. Doesn’t sound like much, but you just need 2 clicks to confirm a mail and you have no waiting time. You can confirm them quickly and it’s really easy. You can confirm the mails directly at your questler account, that means, you don’t have to open your mails.  As you can see at my screenshot, you have your own section there with your mails.


Here you can see all Mails and can easily confirm them with 2 clicks. Nothing more to do to get your money.

Number 2: Bonus Search

The Bonus Search is a great way to earn 21 Cent every day. It takes around 3 minutes per day for this. That’s an hourly payment of 4,20 Euro, quite nice I think for a thing you can easily do at your PC while you do other things. You just have to click on Partner/Shops and make their Bonus Search


You normally get some keywords from Questler and you have to google them. You have to find the homepage they mean and find a given word there. After you click on Teilnehmen you get a complete tutorial, but it’s in german. On average, I need around 30 seconds to complete a search, because I am already quite trained in it 🙂

You can do the Bonus Search three times per day, but only once every 24 hours with the same IP adress. If you have different IPs, you just have to wait 8 hours. Most of you can use the Bonus Search just once a day, but it’s really good. As you can see at my screenshot, I already did it 62 times and earned 4,34 Euro with it. I mostly do them while I play a round of Hearthstone (a virtual cardgame). There I have to wait for my opponents turn anyway, meanwhile I can do the Bonus Search. That means, I get paid for playing computer games, yeah 😀

Number 3: Cashback from partners

This is the best possibility to earn money online at Questler. But you need to invest your own money first. Cashback means, you buy something and get a set percentage of the sum back from Questler. If you buy a lot at Ebay, you get 2 % from every thing you buy there back. You can’t really earn money with cashback, rather you save money. If you are like me and buying a lot of stuff online, you can easily save a lot of money with this.

Especially the casino-deals are great from Questler. You can easily make money online with them. I am going to explain it to you step by step how that works. First, you register at a casino with the link from questler. You have to pay 10 Euro to your casino-account and bet with the money. It doesn’t matter, if you use it for roulette or other casino games or for bets for sporting events.

If you manage to win more money, you can cash out at the casino. I always have bad luck in casinos, that’s why I cash out as soon as I can, but that’s your decision.

The best thing now is, that whatever you do at the casino, Questler pay you more money than you invested there. I tried 3 different casinos with 10 Euros each and I got 12,50 Euro for the first one and for the other too 15 Euros for each from Questler directly. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose, I already made a profit of 12,50 Euro from Questler. It’s that easy to make money online 🙂

I think, that’s a great offer where you can only win. The question is, why are casinos doing this? That’s easily explained. They hope, that you are going to play there often. The more you play, the more the casino earns, that’s why I don’t recommend to play there. But if you register once, take your money from Questler, do whatever you want with your 10 Euro at the casino and maybe even win there, it’s a good deal for you. Sometimes I also get free bets from the casinos I registered, that’s also nice, as long as it is free 🙂

Is Questler legit?

Yes, Questler is legit. The support there is great, they answer fast if you have any questions. The cashouts are also fast and the work without problems, as you can see at my screenshot.



The minimum amount you can withdraw are 5 Euro. As soon as you manage to earn 20 Euro for the first time there, Questler gives you 5 Euro for free. After that, they also give you a free bonus, if you wait longer with your cashout. For example, if you wait until you accumulate 100 Euro there, they pay you 3 Euro more.

You can either cashout to your bank account or with Paypal. You just need to wait a few days before you get your money.

What do I get if I refer people?

Like most other sites where you can make money online, there is also a referral program at Questler. If you manage to convince someone and they register with your personal link, you get them as a referral. That means, you get money too, if your referral eans money. You get the money as a bonus, your referral won’t lose a cent. Sites like Questler are dependent on a large community, that’s why they pay you if you manage to refer some people to them.

Questler pays you 7 % of everything your referral earns there. They don’t earn less, Questler pays you the money as a bonus. There are 3 levels of referrals. If your referrals also manage to get some referrals you get 3 % from them. For the last level you get 1 %.

The probabilty to get enough referrals to become rich is very slim. But if you manage to refer at least a few people, you can easily earn some money every month.


Quick payment

Great Cashback-offers

Awesome support


Sadly, just for users from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Questler is a great site and I can really recommend it. There are no real downsides there, you can easily earn some money online with just a few minutes every month. If you are interested in online-casinos, their deals are really great, but also, if you just order a lot of stuff online, you save some money with their cashback-offers. I can recommend this site to everyone who wants to earn some Euro every month.

If you have any questions, just comment here or send me a Mail.

If you are interested and want to check it out, feel free to use my link or the banner below. If you use it, I get you as my referral and earn some money. With this, you are supporting me to keep my site free from ads, thank you in advance 🙂

Currently, I have some invite codes for Questler. If you send me a mail, I can send you one and you are automatically registered as my referral. As a bonus, you start there with 1 Euro. Just send me a mail, I gladly send you one of my codes.

I hope, you have some nice earnings and some fun there 🙂


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