at my blog. I am Shanti and this is my place. Therefore, Shantisplace 🙂

What can you find here?

Well, I decided to try to earn some money online. I researched a lot and found mostly scams. It’s kind of paradox. Most of the site wants money from me to let me earn money there. That makes absolutly no sense for me. And as soon as I research more about such sites, it turns out, that they are a scam. Who would have thought.

It’s really hard to find legitimate sites that pays you without investing. That’s why I set myself a goal.

I am going to test all sites I can find and if they are legit and pay, I will write a review about them here. Like this, you don’t have to search for yourself and check, if a site is really paying or not, you can just read my reviews and start to make money online. I also write tutorials on different things, but they all have one thing in common: make money online.

For example, you can find a guide how you can start with faucets. Or my guide How to detect scams and avoid them. Both of them help you to earn money online. They first one lets you earn while the second one stops you from losing money. I recommend to read both of them. But more guides are coming. If you have any questions regarding a tutorial, feel free to contact me, I gladly help you out and answer your questions.

You also find different reviews here about sites to make money online.

Why should you trust me?

Well, this is a good question. I know, that there are a lot of different blogs or homepages out there, and everybody has the same topic. Make money online. What is the difference between me and them?

First of all, I am a real person. Wow, that sounds weird. Ok, sure, everybody who writes a blog is a real person. But you can find my name and a picture of me on my blog. I am no anonymous person in the internet, I decided to write my name here. That’s a rare thing in the internet. Sadly, most guys prefer to stay anonymous. But here, you can write me a mail, visit my facebook site and write me there. If you are a really cautious person, and believe me, I can fully understand that and think, it’s smart to be cautios online, you can even check out the Youtube-Channel of my girlfriend and me. You can find it here Drachen BĂĽcher Feenstaub. It’s a channel about books, video games and other nerd stuff, but still, you can see our faces there. That means, you can easily contact me, if you find anything on my blog you aren’t sure about. I can assure you, I only post stuff here I personally tried myself and got paid at least once.

Second reason is my background. I am working in IT. That means, I check every site I use for shady stuff like background miners and other things. Also, I check every site for background information about their owners. If I can’t find much about their owners and their business model, I won’t review it. I can guarantue you, that every site you can find here is a legitimate business with real persons behind it. I won’t invest in any shady stuff like HYIP or other bullshit and I will never ever recommend them to you.

And finally, the third reason, why my blog is different. I just recommend things that brings you a minimum of 2 Dollar per hour of work. You won’t find faucets here (except the moon faucets, because the pay exceptionally good), you won’t find PTC sites here (if you want to know why, you can read about it here).

2 Dollar per hour for your work. That’s why I like surfbars and such stuff. They don’t pay much, but you get a little passive income with them. No work and some Dollar every month. Not much, but it’s good.

I also won’t recommend things where you need a lot of referrals to earn any money at all. If you need referrals to earn money there, than every referral you get won’t earn much himself. That means, the site is shit and nobody should waste his time there.

You still don’t trust me!

Well, that’s ok. If you still don’t trust me, it’s your decision, I can’t help you then. But if I can do anything to lessen your suspicion, feel free to contact me and we can talk about it. You can also just try one of the sites I recommend here and see for yourself. If they pay you, try the next one here. You will see, every site I review will pay you. And if you don’t receive a payment, feel free to contact me, I try to help you out.

Why am I doing this, if I don’t want to earn money?

Well, I want to earn money online, sure. But I am working fulltime anyway and I don’t really need the money I can earn online. But I know a lot of people who got scammed, be it online or in real life. I absolutly hate scammers. That’s why I want to warn you from them and keep your money save. It’s my contribution to a better world, I think. I want the people to think more before investing in any shady stuff. Most people are blinded by greed and I want to open their eyes. If I manage to stop at least a few people from getting scammed, I am happy. Sure, if I make a bit of money with it, why not. But it’s not my main priority.

You like this site and want to support me!

Well that’s great and I am happy about it. If you really want to support me, feel free to advertise it or link to a guide or a review of me. Also, if you try a site, please use my referral link. With this, you support me and don’t lose a thing. Also, if you use my referral link and contact me, I am going to give you refback, if a site offers it. This way, we both profit if you use my link. Sure, if you don’t use it, it’s also fine. I will still answer every question you have and help you out, because I am a nice guy 🙂

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