Passive income

Passive income. It’s a phrase mostly used by scammers with sentences like „earn 1000 Euro per day with passive income“.

Let me tell you one thing at first. There is no such thing as  a passive income, except if you have a huge amount of money and you are able to earn enough interest from the bank. But for everything else, you have to work.

I try to show you some nice online things you can do with nearly no work. Most of the time it just involves registering and starting it. I just list things here that takes less than 5 minutes work per month.

Everything here won’t pay much more than 1-2 euro per month, but well, no work, no money. But most of the things here have a referral programm, if you manage to convince your friends and family to use it, you can earn a bit more.

And if you get 20 euro per month without doing anything, it’s still a good deal!

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