It’s getting better and better!

Hi there!


First of all, a big thanks to my friend Matthias Schaffer and his awesome webskills! He helped me and is still helping me out designing this blog. If you ever need an amazing guy for web development, feel free to check him out!

What a big difference 2 days can make. 2 days ago, there was nearly no content and no design at all. After working for around 15 hours in the last 2 days, it’s getting better and better. Far away from finished, but I like the path, in which this project is going to. Yeah, you read right. 15 hours. It took some time to write all this text and I translated it manually to german (my native language). It was a ton of work, but well, I did it. I also tried to investigate new forms to make money online and I will present you to the outcome in the next few days. I just need to finish my site about faucets here and give you recommendations for this topic, then I start to tell you about new ways I find to earn money.

Btw, I gave myself a target. It’s just puny and maybe you think, that’s not a very ambitious target, but hey, it’s my first step on this road and I like to take small steps. For me, this is an endurance race, not a sprint.

My target is 20 Euro. I want to earn 20 Euro this month. I work fulltime, that’s why I set my target small. If I am able to earn 20 Euro this month I am happy. Minus 5 Euro for the webhosting. But 15 Euro additionaly each month is nice. It’s a very bad payment per hour, but I am positive, that I will earn more, if I get more experienced and keep working hard!

See ya soon and feel free to check out my site about Faucets. It’s a really interesting method to earn money online. 🙂

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