Hard work!

Hi there.

Wow. It’s really a lot of work to make a blog. Especially because I wanted to do it in english AND german. That means, I have to write all texts and translate them after I’ve written them. After this is done (usually around 2-3 hours per day right now) I search for more cool stuff to show you. Currently, I am testing a few more faucets and some other sites, I will inform you here, as soon as I could verify that they really pay and don’t violate my faucet-rules!

Especially the faucets are really hard to checkout, there are so many of them and a lot of them are really bad. Currently, I am trying out a faucetmininggame with a lot of popups and even url-shortening. Normally, I wouldn’t use such a thing, but I like their game, it’s fun. As soon as I can confirm by myself that they pay and that you can earn enough for the effort there, I will tell you. But I can’t recommend it for now.

For the weekend I also have a lot of plans for my blog. Advertising it is my first priority, if more people know of this blog, more people can start to earn some easy money. But it’s a lot of work do advertise it. Well, I knew before I started this journey, that I am going to invest a lot of time into this project. But I am very motivated to keep my work up for you! 🙂

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