Another good paidmailer I can recommend. They send you a lot of mails, but most of them don’t earn you much. But they send around 7 mails per day with 1 cent for each. That’s a pretty good income without much work.

As usual, I didn’t receive any payment till now, but I found a lot of proof that the pay you.

They best thing on the site is, you can do A LOT OF other stuff. You can click on banner, you can click on adds, you can even use a surfbar, but just for a limited amount of sites each day. You also get 2,50 Euro, if you register as starting bonus. But you need to use 2 of their bonus-promotions to get it. They also have a lot of prize games and stuff like paid newsletter. You won’t get bored there, but except the paidmail and the occasional prize game most of the stuff pays not very much. I just do the paidmail and activate the surfbar till it’s empty. When I am bored, I click on some banners or such things, but rarely. It’s not well paying. I recommend you, register there, visit it daily and read the paidmail and use the surfbar. It doesn’t take a minute per day and earns you some euros at the end of the month.

They also have a referral program, but well, who doesn’t? The best thing at their referral system is the cashback.
That means, if you use their link, I earn more and you also earn more. The best outcome for both of us.
If you got interested, check it out. Below is my ref link, if you use it, we both earn more, as I said before.
So there should be absolutly no reason not to use it. Thanks 🙂


Bonus Bunny

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